Remodeling the Plan & the Office

These are some snapshots from the marathon editing sessions preparing the final round Business Plan for's $300K PLANedu contest. Once that was done, we set to work on remodeling the conference room as a "real" engineering cubicle. It's a nice thing there's a 24-hour Home Depot across the way...

Engineering Director Peyman Oreizy & Muddy Waters

Alexander Blakely, Operations Manager. Shh! Operations are being managed!
COO Adam Rifkin. Get back to Operating! :-)

Even the dogs are sleeping on the job...!

John Tigue's dogs, Muddy Waters and Dr. Seuss

The next morning, Telescope Group consultant Jodi Germaine came by to help edit and clarify that plan.
Entering Martha Stewart mode to remodel and soundproof the new Engineering Department...

While the conference room moves closer to the fire escape

and the wall'o whiteboards! (Thrifty Melamine sheets, $9.88 per)

The view out of Engineering onto the office
The view out of Engineering onto the Safeco Field parking garage

The dividing line with Management has been formed... umm...

The aftermath of the "conference room"

So it turned out more Tim Allen than Martha Stewart...
Now you can see the look on Management's face after a tough session Behind The Green Carpet Door...

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