Pictures Of KnowNow's warehouse office space

1518 First Av S
Suite 4-2
Seattle WA 98134

Peyman Oreizy (engg), Adam Rifkin (COO), Alexander Blakely (ops mgr)

Xander at work
Adam at work :-)

We get a 4,000 lb freight elevator you could drive a minivan into!

Looking in from the front door down the long part of the L

The"corner office"
Adam's office

The new win98 server

two new dell laptops. The chairs are DAMN nice.

The conference room , the short part of the L
More stuff in the conf room

The office safe -- all the secret IPR is in the empty space.

Looking back at the door -- the fan has a remote control of its own!

as does the stereo and the cordless phone. and the really important supplies.
Here's a much bigger picture of the office and adam (suitable for framing :-)

hi-res photo of the offices

The big picture...

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