Pictures Of KnowNow Office, Day 18

The last two weeks eating, sleeping, breathing, hacking in this old warehouse have given it quite the lived-in look

The stairwell entrance fire door and air compressor

The view from the compressor down the unfinished third of the warehouse
Bathroom & "kitchen"

needs no description

Entering our not-so-humble offices

The grand view
A panorama, beginning with the "Kitchen" and corner office

to Adam's wall of shame

and Xander, the only guy who actually works mornings :-)

and finally Peyman's corner by the easy escape route :-)
Adam, as usual, is hard at work dreaming up new possibilities to KnowLater.

The "entertainment center"

mailroom, safe, and conference table

The business plan v13.2 tacked up on the wall waiting to be edited all over again
The view out of the conference rooms. Cardboard can be very solid when screwed in with power tools

The conference room view out to the parking lot

and our neighbor, Safeco Field, right out of our fire escape!

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